Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Who you work with matters

“I know how to identify and find the right buyers for your home and develop and deploy an effective marketing strategy to attract highly qualified, serious buyers. My track record of success proves it.”

Every home has specific buyer prospects. Understanding that target audience is key to attracting the right buyer in a focused and timely manner who is willing and able to offer highest and best price.

I have developed and finely tuned a unique marketing strategy that focuses on what I call CK’s 5Ps. This strategy is customized to your home and its unique selling features and value proposition.

In our initial listing appointment, I will outline my Marketing Strategy and how it will aid us to achieve highest and best price for your home in a timeframe that meets your selling objectives.

Because over 88% of buyers find their home online before touring with an agent, I will ensure that your home is presented to the buying public (globally!) on more than 1,000 home buying and selling websites.

Another critical marketing element is timing. It matters immensely not just how your home is introduced to the market, but when. I know how to create interest, momentum, enthusiasm and competition over your home even before it becomes available to tour. That’s critical for bringing the right qualified buyer to the table.

Please give me a call today or send me an email to talk more about your selling needs and learn more about my customized marketing strategy and how it can best serve you.