Meet Ck

I am passionate and purposeful about relationships.

People matter and they matter greatly to me.

I love investing in people and communities and the span of my life reflects these cherished values.

CK Smith

Who You Work With Matters

My early career as a Middle East and Central Asia foreign policy specialist focused on conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and community development in nine war-torn nations ravaged by ethnic and gender-based violence, war crimes and genocide stretching across Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. My deft talents as a trained negotiator and skilled mediator were honed while working toward the social and political rehabilitation of these highly traumatized societies.

It was in this crucible of witnessing profound human suffering that I developed the all-important “soft skills” essential for serving others well while working under challenging circumstances with difficult conditions (and sometimes people!) in emotionally charged situations. I bring these same negotiating skills to the table for my real estate clients.

It was also in this context that my heart for, and commitment to, “the least of these – the marginalized and forsaken among us – was born. This life calling led me to launch a philanthropic foundation in 2004 dedicated to helping Afghans rebuild their lives and an international humanitarian organization in 2014 focused on global and local food security and sustainable community development. It also inspired me to become an adoptive mother to Afghan orphans – a decision that has transformed my life and purpose. I am blessed to love, serve, and invest in Afghanistan’s future democratic leaders.

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My own journey of relocating 35 times in my first four decades – and more times since then – made me keenly attuned to the challenges, concerns, and care needed when a family moves across town or around the globe. These experiences shaped my life profoundly. And that’s why I promise to deliver what I too often found missing in my own buying, selling and relocation experiences.

My brokerage, CK Smith & Associates, and my real estate business are deeply committed to positively transforming lives by considerably elevating the buying, selling and investing experience for real estate clients. Work with me and you’ll see the difference immediately, consistently, and always for your benefit.

I welcome the opportunity to EARN the privilege to be your REALTOR of choice – a trusted professional, advisor, and partner – as you navigate your new chapter. 

Above all, I hope you find me to be a servant-leader passionately committed to transforming lives by richly investing in people and our amazing community…one happy homeowner and well-served client at a time!


CK visits an Afghan school her Foundation built (2005)
CK loves Colorado’s great outdoors. And so does her sweet Miniature Schnauzer, Reagan!