“A picture IS worth a thousand words!  Truly stunning photos can leave you awe struck. So, when I prepare to sell your home, I make sure my photography professional, the best in the Pikes Peak region, captures images that elicit a wow factor with all the awesome descriptors, impressions and, yes feelings, we intend.”

“Beautiful. Stunning. Spacious. Clean and Neat. Charming. Inviting. Updated. Must See.” You get the picture (pun intended!).

Research shows that 88% of homebuyers first encounter the home they purchase online. It is photos and videos that draw these buyers to their ultimate next home. Showing requests are motivated by what a buyer sees and experiences online first.

I take no short cuts when it comes to introducing and strategically positioning your home before potential homebuyers. Every listing also offers a virtual tour.

Drone-driven aerial photography is typically utilized to fully capture your lot views and surroundings.

The images used are central to my marketing strategy. It is designed to make others see and appreciate your home’s unique features and charm while enticing them to see and experience it first-hand.