Property Alerts

Property Alerts

Be the First to Know When A Property that Meets Your Dream Home Wish List Hits the Market!

Being the first to know is critical in Colorado’s high-demand, low-supply housing market where homes often go under contract rather quickly with several competitive offers. Buyers must be proactive and remain well ahead of the curve. I help you do just that!

I provide two guaranteed avenues to ensure that together we are among the very first to find your dream home, whether it is already on the market, a brand-new listing, a Coming Soon property or one that is a potential, future listing.

I encourage you to take full advantage of both opportunities today to beat out the competition for your Colorado dream home.

First, when you save a search or mark a home as a favorite on my site, any new homes that come on the market that match your must have and “wish list” criteria immediately will be delivered to your inbox. This ensures YOU ARE THE FIRST TO KNOW.

Begin your Colorado dream home search today through my Property Search tool. Be sure to save and indicate which homes you favor so that you can be the first to know when other similar homes hit the market or favored homes are reduced in price.

Secondly, I offer every client CK’s Concierge Service that allows me to quickly go to work for you with an informed, comprehensive, exhaustive, and ongoing search for your dream home based upon your specific needs and preferences. This ensures I AM THE FIRST TO KNOW when a listed property or new home hits the market that meets all your needs and aspirations for your dream home in Colorado.

Please check out my Concierge Service to learn more and sign up today!

This highly proactive, two-pronged strategy will ensure we find your Colorado dream home first and are best positioned to help you make it your own! Let’s go for it!


Begin Your Colorado Dream Home Search Today!