Relocation Support

Relocation Support

Are you facing an expected – or unexpected – relocation to Colorado? Do you need assistance buying a home in the Pikes Peak region or finding a skilled realtor to help sell your home where you currently reside? If so, call me today. You’re speaking to my sweet spot!

I’m someone whose professional assignments in my “first career” required me to relocate 35 times in my first four decades of life. I understand what it takes to help you transition well and “hit the ground running” once you relocate.

I love the opportunity and challenge of helping individuals and families launch well and thrive in our wonderful Colorado Springs community. No request will go unattended.

I also can tap into my extensive national network of realtor professionals who specialize in relocation services to assist you in selling your current home – wherever that may be.

Please call me today and let’s discuss how I can assist you in landing and launching well in Colorado.